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Welcome to MCMHome+Decor.  I created this website as I have always loved design and great architecture.  Good bones are, well, good bones!  I adore shopping, remodeling and decorating my home and helping others get cool finds.  Locating a groovy tile, funky pillow, scrummy rug or sumptuous sofa make me so damn happy.

Your home should reflect YOU!  To that end, I look for things which are artisan, exceptionally made and perhaps not something that you will see all over the place (Noguchi Coffee Table) while still representing the vintage modern, clean lines and style of the period that we all, who adore MCM, crave.  And yes, I DO actually have this blasted table, it sits in my living room and garners me compliments always….but I have now seen it too much.  So a do over for me would be to have purchased something entirely different.  Not that I am a hater, but meaning that what I will post here will be a bit more creative than all of us running after the same pieces because there is enough great design to go around, so you can find your own niche.

I reside with my adoring husband, 4 cats, 2 aquariums and one HUGE Doberman,  in a 1962 Atomic Mid Century Modern.  And my husband is so very elated not to have to listen to me amble about the place, all fidgety, stammering quietly then  exclaiming ‘terrazzo’ like I came down with MCM Turrets Syndrome.

When I started my journey, I had much to learn.  I knew what I liked, but it took awhile to hone the ‘vibe’ that can get some many folks in trouble when they begin updating their middy.

I spent nearly 3 frustrating years capturing zip codes and stalking houses and being out bid until I finally got this amazing space to call home!

Great advice is to sit in your home, un-touched for at least a few months (unless you have an urgent need) before you do any work.  The house will tell you what it needs.

My highest compliments so far in my decor scheme are people who assume the glass orbs I hung at my entry and living room windows are original, tell me the landscape and sculpture I designed, picked out, had installed are ‘a perfect compliment to the house’ ask me if the tile in the Atrium is original, or assume the copper gutters and chimney cap came with the house. I love it when I have to physically point out what, exactly, was done in my very sensitive kitchen remodel.

I endeavor to be a good steward of this home and pay if forward one day.

I invite the exchange of ideas here.  Post pics of your finds, your home, ask questions, make comments, all very appreciated!

Whether you are in the midst of a remodel, redecorating your pad, looking for great dinnerware, or wondering how to sparkle up your patio or terrazzo,  I hope you find my posts useful and fun.