Mod Stylish Air Purifiers – Rabbit Room Air Purifier Review

Why we love the  Rabbit room air purifiers.

We live in a polluted world.  And many times, the air inside our homes is the worst to breath!

Below is a link to Dr Axe for more information, but unless you are very careful to use only organic and natural cleaning agents, and environmentally friendly and toxin free furnishings, the average home contains about 10 gallons of synthetic chemical products.

From cigarette smoke, to pesticides,  from paints to household cleansers, to candles and incense or other air fresheners all can distribute toxins throughout the home.

We now have 6; 4 being this model, which I think is the sleekest.   Plus the customization is great!  We have the fish, pictured, and also one with the Julius monkey cover and we are on auto-ship for the filters.  The filters typically last 1 year going 24 hours a day, or 2 years otherwise and are also customizable.   I have owned some ugly air filtration systems in my day and am thankful now that I no longer feel the need to sacrifice style for health. Rabbit offers the Artists Series featuring images by Gustav Klimt, Katsushika Hokusai and original designs by Rabbit Air’s creative team, to offer you a sophisticated answer to stale air.

I leave mine on auto so that they automatically adjust the fan speed high or low as needed to filter the air in the entire room as much as twice an hour.

The Minus A2 – SPA 780 filters as much as 815 square feet while the Minus A2 -SPA 700A, filters as much as 700 square feet.  The unit stands on its own base or you can opt to wall mount it.

I totally dig the mood light, the LED lighting may be turned on so that it provides a soft mellow glow of soothing colours.  It automatically sense when it is dark or ‘nap time’ so I like to read in bed, then turn the light out for bed, watch the colours for a bit while I get myself organized and poof, it goes out a few moments later.  Perfect!

There are six stages of air purification and you can customize, as noted earlier, for Toxin absorbing, pet allergy, odor, germs.  Many people who keep birds choose this filtration system since birds are very sensitive to bad air.  You will feel a difference in the air quality. Our bodies are self-cleaning, however, they were never ever meant for the pollution we are confronted with today.

Because we cannot hide them in our modern home, we wanted something that worked well but while also being sleek and gorgeous!  We have people over and they comment on the filters, because they present themselves as art.

2 thoughts on “Mod Stylish Air Purifiers – Rabbit Room Air Purifier Review”

  1. we need an air purifier for the room to proper sleeping in the night.we do not feel the suffocate that by used to the air purifier.thanks for the sharing this unique information with us and we need to know.

    1. Alice thank you for your kind comments. Feel free to share my blog articles with anyone you think will be helped by them. We have 5 of the artful A2s with various decorative fronts and 1 very old – 10 years? BioGS, their old model, still going strong. I am on auto delivery for their annual filter replacements. Its not cheap, but when I see just how filthy the HEPA filters are, even though I vacuum the barrier weekly etc. I feel better about the cost. You can definitely tell the difference in air quality too. Enjoy. For anyone who clicks on a link to make a purchase, you are helping to support me, I earn a tiny commission. You pay the very same price for your merchandise, the link makes it easy, but this blog is honestly a labor of love for me. It costs me $50/mo to keep it going, plus my input/writing and research and sharing my education on various topics. The commission is is so small that, right now, 2 years in, I am almost at a $20.00 payout. When I hit $100.00 I will one day get a paycheck. 🙂 I say this only so you and others understand, I am not here for the big money, but to share what I know. I live in and love my modern house and I have specialized training as a Plant-Based Lifestyle Consultant with Hippocrates Health Institute ( and I adore great design. I find that being in a modern, it is sometimes a challenge, from a cat litter box to air filtration, the mundane things in life, to find stuff that looks great and works great in a stylish setting. Enjoy! 🙂

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