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Dangerous Bedding – Detox Your Sleep!

Hello.  This morning I got into a mattress discussion and some of the folks were aware of off-gassing that many of these synthetic materials create.  A few folks suggested airing the mattress out for a specified time period.  But I said why not go 100% organic and get a nice comfy latex that lasts forever, no airing necessary?  Just because you air something out, doesn’t mean all the harmful contaminants have gone away.  They’re still there, off-gassing as your sleep, slowly eroding your health.

Here’s a great alternative with a link you just click on for further details.

My Green Mattress, Simple Sleep 7″ 100% Natural GOLS Certified Organic Latex Mattress with GOTS Organic Cotton and Natural Eco-Wool Cover (Queen)

Part of enjoying the great architecture of your Mid-Century Modern home is having great sleep and a quality of life that supports many years of staring at this eye candy we are lucky enough to walk around in every day!

The body is naturally detoxing between about 9pm until around 11am.  A great mattress will lessen aches, pains, pressure points and encourage restful sleep.  So whether you are shopping for family, for yourself or simply dream of sleeping through this holiday season, here’s to the glorious holidays and the coming new year, in peace, health and prosperity.  🙂

Plant Based Lifestyle & Detoxing Plant-Based Skincare

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Hello.  As I also write a Plant-Based Lifestyle blog ( there tends to be some crossover focus in this design blog too, where I post healthy cleaning supplies, gadgets and non-toxic, eco-friendly furniture.
With the holidays upon us, many folks are getting extra spa treatments and giving them too!  Who doesn’t need to unwind a bit during these hectic days? 
Consider going toxin free with Plant-Based Skincare!  Go clean & gift clean and today only save 20%.
From our lip balm to our hand lotion, it is important to be mindful of what we apply topically to reduce exposure to chemicals that shorten life, cause disease and disrupt our hormones. With Body firming coconut based lotion, a keratin-based mascara that improves and grows out your eyelashes, Reverse 20 at home spa treatments to beneficial supplements, what’s not to love! I am available for any questions you have. Happy Holidays!
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Shaggadelic Groovy Laundry, Baby Yeah! Patchouli Laundry Soap etal.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and fell in love with Hippie perfume oils as a kid.  When I was searching for more natural, non chemical/non toxic laundry soaps, I also began a search for great smelling ones too.  The green font below will contain links so if you find your laundry jam, you can just click there to take you right to the product for a closer whiff. 🙂

My husband is not very into smells, so for him we buy Charlies Laundry Detergent. It is low to no discernible order and cleans the clothes well.

I use Indigo Wild, Zum Clean Patchouli Laundry Soap.  It leaves everything smelling delightfully hippie.  Ironically, Mr No Smell (my husband) accidentally used my soap once and got completely hooked on it!  He enjoys the compliments he gets at work.  Yes, this is a soap that people will notice if you use it on your clothes.  For the fall, I sometimes get their Frankincense & Myrrh scent too!  And it is completely yummy on the bed linens!

As I reside in a Brady Bunch hip kinda house, I try to fully embrace that with my choice of eco friendly, groovy laundry soaps.  And there are quite a few now on the market to choose from if Patchouli doesn’t float your boat! Meyers Clean Day makes a yummy Lavender Detergent!  Or how about Vermont Soap Organics LemmonGrass Zen?  This is a castile soap that can be used on both your laundry and your person.  What if you are torn between Mint and Lavender or you have hard water?  Check out Rockin Green Soap HardRock Remix, which takes me back to my KZEW DJ days with names like ‘Motley Clean’ and ‘Funk Rock’, you just gotta groove.

What else can you do about serious odors like cat pee or cleaning out your washer occasionally?  I love BioKleen  BacOut Fresh Lemon-Thyme scent!  It works so well.  I use it on towels, furniture, and in the wash.  Its is great to spritz on clothes to get cigarette fumes off too.

Laundry dose not have to be boring.  As you can see from the choices above, it can be a rather hip olfactory experience.  Since we have to sort and do laundry we may as well make it as fun an experience as possible.

Happy Laundry day!



How to Clean & Maintain Quartz Counters & Stainless


Welcome!  Every well kept Middy home needs some great cleaners on hand to maintain and protect it.  For me, 3 things are important – 1 – It must be natural/organic so that it is non toxic, having no harmful chemicals in it that I or my kiddos will somehow ingest.
2 – Its gotta smell good.
3- It needs to work and earn its keep amongst the plethora of cleaning & polishing supplies I use and try out.

I won’t knowingly bring toxins into the home, not outside to kill bugs, not inside either.  That shite ends up on the bottoms of your feet where you absorb it, your pets lick it off their paws, it gets into our water supply (all water flows) and creates bad mojo downstream.  The companies that create this toxic stew just want to sell their product.  They are mostly not interested in the big picture.  But we should be and we vote every day with our wallets.

Cleaning is great exercise, you get moving, breathing.  I like to make cleaning sort of a SPA experience for both me and my lovely home, taking my time, not rushing it.  For the SPA experience I speak of, this means smells.  Mmmmmm!  I want something that smells exceptional, but not overpowering, and that smell is going to be derived from natural ingredients.  I am big on alternative health and eating a raw, plant based diet (see my other website blog and

But back to smells.  Let me give you a bummer smell example here so you understand what I mean.  One of the products we use, that’s great, is Charlie’s Laundry Soap.  My husband is NOT a smell person and loves this soap as it has no odor.  (See my separate Shaggadelic Laundry Soap Review)  So Charlies is all natural and works great.  I bought their All Purpose Cleaner too, for the home.  Yes, indeed, that product worked, but have you ever let old air out of an inner tube and accidentally huffed that air into your lungs?  It stunk just like old stale air from an inner tube of a tire.  If you have never experienced that odor, I do not suggest adding it to your scent vocabulary.  Just know that it was a complete Debbie Downer for me.  I couldn’t use the product.  We do keep the laundry soap on hand.

Many MCM homes have laminate counters or Quartz if updated.  There is a heated debate going on about updating with Quartz but I look at it this way – following the architects intent, were the product available then, would he have chosen it?   You want to get the vibe right, while maintaining the integrity of the space and making it usable for your needs.  For us, this meant updating our kitchen to Quartz counters.  My husband is a chef and we use the kitchen a lot.  We roll out dough, and I find the quartz perfect for that, with no scratches or damaged spots that the flour would get into.

Although Quartz is a very hard and solid surface, I baby my counter tops.  I never cut directly on them, I always use a cutting board.  And I keep them wiped down too.

General Maintenance – Zum Clean Sea Salt Granite and Counter Top Cleaner has a light and lovely oceanic scent.  This is one of my favorite products.

Im also a big fan of Method Daily Granite.  In fact, click the green for an incredible deal of a pack of 6!  The smell is Apple Orchard, nice and fresh and doesn’t linger.  After using this product for years, I switched off to the Zum Sea Salt for a change, but the product does work and smell terrific.

Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner – Particularly great on Stainless Steel and Glass.  This has a nice Green-Tea Lime scent that I love.  I generally use it on glass and all the stainless appliances and work with the grain, using a paper towel or soft cloth.  It takes seconds to have all finger smudges etc removed and have a clean pretty fridge and dishwasher!

How To Counter-Tops – I first go over my counters with a damp wash rag.  Using a soft cleaning cloth or paper towel, I then spritz my cleaner onto the counters and wipe them down.  En voila!  I have a great smelling, clean counter I could eat directly from and not get toxins.

Stain Removal – For stains, I use Clorox Cleaner and Bleach.  And I know I just said earlier that I don’t bring toxins into the home.  This one sits on the fence, depending upon how you look at it, since it is ‘natural’ but I consider this a dangerous product.  Leading with that respect, however, this is a product you can spot spray and let sit a sec, then wipe off.  I feel relatively good about my choice to use it because its use is very minimal.

We are wine drinkers and I also use some beets and fresh ground turmeric a lot in raw juices I drink daily.  Stains occasionally happen. This stuff knocks them right out in seconds.  It also works well behind the sink where the grout line can get dark and dirty.  For that, I spritz on carefully and allow it to sit several minutes before wiping down.

The end result is a sparkling clean and smooth counter-top!

Happy cleaning!

Mod Stylish Air Purifiers – Rabbit Room Air Purifier Review

Why we love the  Rabbit room air purifiers.

We live in a polluted world.  And many times, the air inside our homes is the worst to breath!

Below is a link to Dr Axe for more information, but unless you are very careful to use only organic and natural cleaning agents, and environmentally friendly and toxin free furnishings, the average home contains about 10 gallons of synthetic chemical products.

From cigarette smoke, to pesticides,  from paints to household cleansers, to candles and incense or other air fresheners all can distribute toxins throughout the home.

We now have 6; 4 being this model, which I think is the sleekest.   Plus the customization is great!  We have the fish, pictured, and also one with the Julius monkey cover and we are on auto-ship for the filters.  The filters typically last 1 year going 24 hours a day, or 2 years otherwise and are also customizable.   I have owned some ugly air filtration systems in my day and am thankful now that I no longer feel the need to sacrifice style for health. Rabbit offers the Artists Series featuring images by Gustav Klimt, Katsushika Hokusai and original designs by Rabbit Air’s creative team, to offer you a sophisticated answer to stale air.

I leave mine on auto so that they automatically adjust the fan speed high or low as needed to filter the air in the entire room as much as twice an hour.

The Minus A2 – SPA 780 filters as much as 815 square feet while the Minus A2 -SPA 700A, filters as much as 700 square feet.  The unit stands on its own base or you can opt to wall mount it.

I totally dig the mood light, the LED lighting may be turned on so that it provides a soft mellow glow of soothing colours.  It automatically sense when it is dark or ‘nap time’ so I like to read in bed, then turn the light out for bed, watch the colours for a bit while I get myself organized and poof, it goes out a few moments later.  Perfect!

There are six stages of air purification and you can customize, as noted earlier, for Toxin absorbing, pet allergy, odor, germs.  Many people who keep birds choose this filtration system since birds are very sensitive to bad air.  You will feel a difference in the air quality. Our bodies are self-cleaning, however, they were never ever meant for the pollution we are confronted with today.

Because we cannot hide them in our modern home, we wanted something that worked well but while also being sleek and gorgeous!  We have people over and they comment on the filters, because they present themselves as art.

MCM Gardening Relief! Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt scrub For Your Body

Giovanni Salt ScrubIMG_2149


We have been having a major landscape overhaul done on our massive (by city folk standards) front yard.  As it is MCM, I have been channeling Desert Palm Springs so we have various agave and 2 types of palms, a tall Spanish Sword and the I wanted 2 kinds of stone.  One is pinky red crushed granite to bring out the brick on our home and the other is Tejas Black which looks like chips of slate, to bring out the woodwork trim that is painted a sort of slateish colour.  Couple with the size and scope, we reside on a hill with some steepness to it.  While I am far to lazy to be doing all of this myself, we hired an amazing contractor/landscape architect to help out, it still involved me picking out rock, stone, plants and then alot of me pointing what went where, in this bloody hot Texas sun.    In the summer months, after yoga, a long walk or standing and pointing what plant and what rock goes where in my yard, I love Giovanni’s Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub.   I actually have to add more hot water to the bath or shower due to the terrific cooling of the mint!  And the smell fills the room in this intoxicating aromatherapy as you chill.  The formula was recently changed.  The salt granules were very fine.  This has recently changed to a more invigorating larger granule.  All plant based ingredients are organic which I believe to be vital as we have enough drama avoiding toxins in our day to day lives.  The product is also moisturizing with safflower oil and glycerine.  For winter months, or when I am just craving dark chocolate, I switch up to the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Scrub (the link here is the best price, you buy 5) is yummy!