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Ligne Roset – Great Design Is Always In Season!

ligne roset

Is it too early to think spring and outdoor furniture?  At least in the Dallas Ft Worth area, spring weather (or full-on heat) is never far away.  My favourite are the light blue chairs, they are so airy!  Below are some links, kindly mention you discovered through

Grillage (left), designed by François Azambourg, was inspired by origami. The chair is made from perforated metal that is stretched, folded, and creased. Elizabeth Teck (center), by Nathan Yong and made from teak, is an organic, modern approach to the wing chair. Available in armchair, loveseat, and tables. ISO (left), designed by Marie Christine Dorner, is linear and elegant with a comfortably padded seat and back.


Ligne Roset Console

The Entrèves collection, designed by Marie Christine Dorner, includes a nightstand and dresser. The dresser features push-catch drawers while the nightstand features open shelves. The design allows for great flexibility in terms of positioning. Multiple pieces can be arranged to create a number of configurations to best fit any space.

Unique Nest Feathering in Rose Gold

Today, I found some rather rare treats, some the stock is very limited, but all are with an emphasis on Rose Gold and items complimentary.

Lillian Rose 45-Piece Mixed Glass Signing Stones

This lovely vase is by Urban Trends and is a delightful little pop of Rose Gold.

Bella Home Chloe Round Coffee Table, Brushed Rose Gold  – 

What a stunner of a table!  I love the roundness, along with the lightness created by the white top and open banding.

Wow, just would you look at this groovy coffee table by Zuo Modern!  Very elegant and rose gold is always stylish and classic.  The top is black tempered glass and the company also makes a complimentary side table too!

Also by Zuo Modern, this gem coffee table in rose gold sets a lovely and unique tone to your decor.

When it comes to decor, I try hard to locate things that are cool, funky, that represent the period, but are not something that I am going to see just coming and going.  That stated, I have always loved this chair, it is a classic and this price is off the chain!  Mid Century Modern Lounger  – A classic in rosewood and only $488.88.  Wow.


This is a sweet little Rose Gold side table, by Bella Even.  Compact, gorgeous and just the right size to place where needed.

By Zuo Modern, I adore this classy Rose Gold GERANIUM COFFEE That is truly in a timeless, elegant style.

Wanna just add some Chic Rose Gold to your happy hour?  Check this 8 piece set by ChicChic for your bar.

Mod Stylish Air Purifiers – Rabbit Room Air Purifier Review

Why we love the  Rabbit room air purifiers.

We live in a polluted world.  And many times, the air inside our homes is the worst to breath!

Below is a link to Dr Axe for more information, but unless you are very careful to use only organic and natural cleaning agents, and environmentally friendly and toxin free furnishings, the average home contains about 10 gallons of synthetic chemical products.

From cigarette smoke, to pesticides,  from paints to household cleansers, to candles and incense or other air fresheners all can distribute toxins throughout the home.

We now have 6; 4 being this model, which I think is the sleekest.   Plus the customization is great!  We have the fish, pictured, and also one with the Julius monkey cover and we are on auto-ship for the filters.  The filters typically last 1 year going 24 hours a day, or 2 years otherwise and are also customizable.   I have owned some ugly air filtration systems in my day and am thankful now that I no longer feel the need to sacrifice style for health. Rabbit offers the Artists Series featuring images by Gustav Klimt, Katsushika Hokusai and original designs by Rabbit Air’s creative team, to offer you a sophisticated answer to stale air.

I leave mine on auto so that they automatically adjust the fan speed high or low as needed to filter the air in the entire room as much as twice an hour.

The Minus A2 – SPA 780 filters as much as 815 square feet while the Minus A2 -SPA 700A, filters as much as 700 square feet.  The unit stands on its own base or you can opt to wall mount it.

I totally dig the mood light, the LED lighting may be turned on so that it provides a soft mellow glow of soothing colours.  It automatically sense when it is dark or ‘nap time’ so I like to read in bed, then turn the light out for bed, watch the colours for a bit while I get myself organized and poof, it goes out a few moments later.  Perfect!

There are six stages of air purification and you can customize, as noted earlier, for Toxin absorbing, pet allergy, odor, germs.  Many people who keep birds choose this filtration system since birds are very sensitive to bad air.  You will feel a difference in the air quality. Our bodies are self-cleaning, however, they were never ever meant for the pollution we are confronted with today.

Because we cannot hide them in our modern home, we wanted something that worked well but while also being sleek and gorgeous!  We have people over and they comment on the filters, because they present themselves as art.

MCM Gardening Relief! Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt scrub For Your Body

Giovanni Salt ScrubIMG_2149


We have been having a major landscape overhaul done on our massive (by city folk standards) front yard.  As it is MCM, I have been channeling Desert Palm Springs so we have various agave and 2 types of palms, a tall Spanish Sword and the I wanted 2 kinds of stone.  One is pinky red crushed granite to bring out the brick on our home and the other is Tejas Black which looks like chips of slate, to bring out the woodwork trim that is painted a sort of slateish colour.  Couple with the size and scope, we reside on a hill with some steepness to it.  While I am far to lazy to be doing all of this myself, we hired an amazing contractor/landscape architect to help out, it still involved me picking out rock, stone, plants and then alot of me pointing what went where, in this bloody hot Texas sun.    In the summer months, after yoga, a long walk or standing and pointing what plant and what rock goes where in my yard, I love Giovanni’s Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub.   I actually have to add more hot water to the bath or shower due to the terrific cooling of the mint!  And the smell fills the room in this intoxicating aromatherapy as you chill.  The formula was recently changed.  The salt granules were very fine.  This has recently changed to a more invigorating larger granule.  All plant based ingredients are organic which I believe to be vital as we have enough drama avoiding toxins in our day to day lives.  The product is also moisturizing with safflower oil and glycerine.  For winter months, or when I am just craving dark chocolate, I switch up to the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Scrub (the link here is the best price, you buy 5) is yummy!

MCM Coffee Table Books, Kitchen Towels and Mobiles

Shopping for cool MCM stuff is a passion and I had some fun today perusing and posting below some of my favourite little gems.  Just look at these adorable kitchen towels  off Amazon!  Too cute and Swedish too!  Crate and Barrel is sometimes a great source and there is an outlet here I was lucky enough to find some close out towels with a vintage modern vibe last year right ahead of closing on our house!  Great to shop end of season there for a deal.

Love Plants? Check out this low slung planter (I am ordering one as soon as I get done typing here!) by Modernica.  I already have a couple of the taller ones and love them.  They are well made, true to the originals and have held up well.   Check out the burnt orange and the pebble really all are great colour choices!

For the Coffee Table – Are you in need of a groovy coffee table book to add a bit of shaggadelic Fractal pop?  Perhaps the 2nd book from Atomic Ranch filled with so many ideas as well as looking stylish on your coffee table!  (AR’s first book is great too!)

Mobiles and Stabiles – And how about a lovely Calder inspired hand made mobile for your ceiling?  Or this purple lumen multi coulour gem! And if you have cash to burn, the Orbit is exceptional and is pictured at the top of this post.

While this is not something for your home, you could wear them in your home. For $37.99, I love these Mobile Inspired Earrings!


Dot&Bo – A Great Place to Shop! Product Reviews!


Welcome to my home!  I love the Glass Diamonds Pendant lamp I purchased last April from Dot&Bo.  Yes, I saved all the 1962 Nelson Bubble lamps that were original to the home, but let me say that whatever was here in the entry way had long since vanished and was replaced by sheer ugly.  I wanted an elegant light that would pop against the grey terrazzo.  I get so many compliments!

What I love about Dot&Bo is the quality as well as the price point in their curated collections. If you want quality pieces and also to save money, such as maybe you are eyeing a George Nelson Walnut and Laminate desk (see below photo) but you don’t want to pay 2k for it, then you will want to check out this little desk below for less than a grand.

Dot%Bo Compartment Desk

Dot&Bo Compartment Desk

I adore this desk, solidly built, with some fun colour pops (you get a choice of them at Dot&Bo) and all with a smallish footprint that really holds everything.

So many little eye candy pieces too, like this Forest Spirit planter.  I got the Stag-horn Fern to match my wild and crazy hair.    Just behind it is another item I purchased there, a tiny bright planter for an air plant or small herb or flower.


Dot&Bo Forest Spirit Planter


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