Cortland Bookshelf for Atlier D’Amis

Cortland Bookshelf By Atelier Damis  Contemporary, Industrial, Concrete, Metal, Resin  Composite, Bookcases  tagere by Jean De Merry

What an amazing bookshelf, love at first site. I believe this just makes my dreams come true from a design aesthetic, and I truly need this in my home.  How to woo it?  While I have purchased vehicles that cost more than this shelving unit, it would be a hard sell to my adoring and very practical husband.   What I have now are two metal Ikea shelving units that came with our house.  What I want is this dream floating off the gray terrazzo as the Design Gods intended.

Both striking in design, quality of materials and ample room to put books, magazines, and tchotchkes upon, it is a great piece, not to mention companion pieces that go with it.  Both at home in new modern, Mid-Century modern, upscale industrial and Edwardian, this is sure to grace a few truly magnificent homes while still quietly commanding your attention.

The bookshelf comes in two sizes  with satin or gloss brass over aluminum and hand applied concrete impasto shelves.
Dimensions: 7’10 1/2″ Lx 1′ 3 3/4″Wx6′ 10 5/8″H
and 5′ 10 7/8″Lx1′ 3 3/4″Wx6′ 10 5/8″H

I have not stopped dead in my tracks over a bookshelf in a long time.  This is art.

Price upon request:

Consort Acrylic Desk – Oh My!

Dexter Acrylic Desk by Consort

I am not an affiliate marketer for, but it won’t stop me from reporting on this gorgeous desk.  With the dimensions being 50Wx28Dx30H, its a great size for using as a desk or in a foyer.

Acrylic was used extensively in MCM design, and don’t you love the hairpin legs?  $1600.00 and you can switch out the acrylic top for, say, marble or cerused oak. In the switch, you could make the desk longer or shorter as well.  This piece is fantastic floated in a room or against a wall or window.

Wouldn’t this Kate Spade Acrylic desk set go lovely?  Love the brass adding just the right pop against the dark hairpin legs of the desk.

Ligne Roset Estenda – One Awe Inspiring Coatrack

Sadly, I am not an affiliate marketer for Ligne Roset, but that just cannot stop me from sharing this delightful coatrack with you!  What entryway,  would NOT benefit from the Estenda coatrack pictured here?  My husband would say right here that ours wouldn’t but he would be adorably incorrect.

Anybody into MCM knows teak and walnut are huge for the era.  This little gem of a coatrack is striking eye candy unadorned by hat, keys or coat.  It is nearly a shame to cover any portion of it up, but of course, you will.

Designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, the piece is natural varnished solid American Walnut with your choice of nickel or brass-plated steel, it is height adjustable with gliders for added stability.   I personally want the brass finish.  Brass is en vogue once again with many hardware treatments done in what I term ‘sexy brass’ which is a rich, creamy, golden brass and not the cheesy 80’s high polished version that makes the nose crinkle up.  About $1000.00 and it can be yours!

Here is the store locator and specifically Dallas, however if you are out of the area, just plug in your city for locations nearby.

The Mid-Century Modern Vibe



There is a lot of buzz about Mid Century Modern design.  I want to review what the design ethic is as well as its origins and vibe, and why you may want to join in fully embracing the style.  Things are cyclical because people tend to forget about things and then somebody has an ‘Oh Yeah, I remember that’ or ‘Hey, that is pretty sweet’ moment and as this desire spreads,  gradually the design gets picked back up again.  When enough folks jump on in, the trend gains heat.
Right now, MCM design is molten lava hot!  This is great because it makes it far easier to locate furnishings, both old and new that work with the feel of the era, but also bad because the market can be saturated with poor quality cookie cutter furnishings too mass produced,  or just things that really don’t represent the era well.

This is a site both for the purist, as well as one who wishes to incorporate Mod design into their life.  You may just want a toe in the water, love your Victorian or Edwardian home and perhaps want to incorporate some of the MCM style.  So I located a few sites and have included the links to them here: utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%2Bbig%20%2Bchill&utm_campaign=Search-Branded

And for a killer retro fridge with colours, take a gander here:

The era was one of coming out of the war and feeling positive about new beginnings.  This positive energy was put into great yet simple design with an emphasis on simplicity and entertaining.  The thought was on leisure time, getting a lot more of that!  Who could argue that we’ve veered off course in our greed based society currently?  But also, who could argue that we long for far more ease and leisure than we currently have?  It is for this very reason, unreasonable work- loads and long office hours, coupled with McMansions lacking in design integrity, that I feel is the driver of these passions that cause folks to literally line up to buy one of these MCM homes when they hit the market in Dallas (and elsewhere).  The bidding wars get intense!

The bidding wars get intense!  I fin-ah-ly got the home I am now typing in, because it was a not yet on the market pocket listing.  My realtor (patient for nearly 3 years) got a call and it was a home with most of my requirements in my price range and in one of the areas we wanted.  Still, this little man called my realtor daily asking if the deal with me had fallen through yet and could he look at the house and submit a backup offer.

Keeping The Faith! IF you are out searching, don’t settle and don’t give up your hopes.  And I say this as one who grew gray, cried and got very down and filled 3 journals with notes, addresses and favourite zip codes and homes!  You know you’ve been house shopping a while when the same homes pop back up on the market.  What is depressing?  Bidding on them again and still missing out.  So, if you are searching, breath and here my words: The perfect house is going to happen in the perfect moment for me…say these words in the mirror daily as you smile at your reflection.  I journaled the things I had to have, which for me was terrazzo floors, window walls a large living entertaining area and a huge kitchen. YAYEE ME!!!!!  Yayee you, very soon!

I joke that on this home I paid the prior owner alimony to buy this house from her.  It was the 2nd time this place went on the market and she never got to live here because her partner didn’t want to budge from their amazing space in Seattle, not even during the winters.  So, 1.5 years later, I got it but for $75k more than I would have paid the original owners and no, she didn’t remodel a thing.  Alimony.  But sometimes you have to pay to play and we are very happy with our alimony terrazzo and window walls here!

The Inside Is Outside Is Inside Vibe – Can you dig it?  Our home wraps around an atrium/patio area.  This classic feature visually expands the space as well as being perfect for entertaining and Plants!  I adore plants and the clean oxygen they give off!  So now I am on the hunt for some groovy vintage plastic kite chairs at hopefully a bagain.

These homes exude peace and groovy style while many are very easy maintenance, for example terrazzo, seriously strong and gorgeous!  Easy to steam mop and ok, window walls do need periodic cleaning but I have a battery operated squeegee, the Karcher WV50, for that!  Spray on, vac off…Spray on, vac off (wax on, wax off…yes, copying).

Before setting to remodel, live in your home at least 6 months, unless something dire just cannot wait.  I say this from the experience that, with architectually significant homes, you will find they do tell you what they need, and what they don’t, if you are open to listening.  So before you totally rip out that kitchen or bath, or upgrade your glass walls, sit back and listen first.  Whatever you end up doing will benefit from this bonding time with your middy.

I welcome comments and questions.  Be blessed in a home well dressed.