MCM Gardening Relief! Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt scrub For Your Body

Giovanni Salt ScrubIMG_2149


We have been having a major landscape overhaul done on our massive (by city folk standards) front yard.  As it is MCM, I have been channeling Desert Palm Springs so we have various agave and 2 types of palms, a tall Spanish Sword and the I wanted 2 kinds of stone.  One is pinky red crushed granite to bring out the brick on our home and the other is Tejas Black which looks like chips of slate, to bring out the woodwork trim that is painted a sort of slateish colour.  Couple with the size and scope, we reside on a hill with some steepness to it.  While I am far to lazy to be doing all of this myself, we hired an amazing contractor/landscape architect to help out, it still involved me picking out rock, stone, plants and then alot of me pointing what went where, in this bloody hot Texas sun.    In the summer months, after yoga, a long walk or standing and pointing what plant and what rock goes where in my yard, I love Giovanni’s Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub.   I actually have to add more hot water to the bath or shower due to the terrific cooling of the mint!  And the smell fills the room in this intoxicating aromatherapy as you chill.  The formula was recently changed.  The salt granules were very fine.  This has recently changed to a more invigorating larger granule.  All plant based ingredients are organic which I believe to be vital as we have enough drama avoiding toxins in our day to day lives.  The product is also moisturizing with safflower oil and glycerine.  For winter months, or when I am just craving dark chocolate, I switch up to the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Scrub (the link here is the best price, you buy 5) is yummy!