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Welcome to my home!  I love the Glass Diamonds Pendant lamp I purchased last April from Dot&Bo.  Yes, I saved all the 1962 Nelson Bubble lamps that were original to the home, but let me say that whatever was here in the entry way had long since vanished and was replaced by sheer ugly.  I wanted an elegant light that would pop against the grey terrazzo.  I get so many compliments!

What I love about Dot&Bo is the quality as well as the price point in their curated collections. If you want quality pieces and also to save money, such as maybe you are eyeing a George Nelson Walnut and Laminate desk (see below photo) but you don’t want to pay 2k for it, then you will want to check out this little desk below for less than a grand.

Dot%Bo Compartment Desk

Dot&Bo Compartment Desk

I adore this desk, solidly built, with some fun colour pops (you get a choice of them at Dot&Bo) and all with a smallish footprint that really holds everything.

So many little eye candy pieces too, like this Forest Spirit planter.  I got the Stag-horn Fern to match my wild and crazy hair.    Just behind it is another item I purchased there, a tiny bright planter for an air plant or small herb or flower.


Dot&Bo Forest Spirit Planter


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Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!